I see “texture” too! 😊❤️💜💚😎

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You are getting really good at your drawing.

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Feb 3, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

Way to go Cal! While you read body language, I read hat language. I figured broadening Tex’s hat brim was the change. Then Cal followed with her comment on Tex not slouching in to protect his heart!

A lifetime ago when I was studying to become a clinical psychologist, I was co-therapist with an older woman who counseled couples (in group sessions lasting 10 weeks) deciding whether to divorce or try anew. After a session one evening, Jackie asked if I noticed the one husband with arms tightly folded across his chest and face thrust forward? Of course I said “No.” She added, “That’s what I call the DeFuniak Springs Syndrome. Arms guarding the heart but the head and face thrust forward in an “I dare you” gesture.”

I think Jackie was from that area in the Florida panhandle, and I’m now married to a woman who grew up in DeFuniak Springs. Today I can say that syndrome is not endemic to DeFuniak Springs. I believe there’s no shortage of fear in lots of men’s being. Economic worries, threats to their identities as breadwinners as women play ever greater roles in our country, and changing definitions of what being a man (binary language) entails.

Imagine: arms wide open and face alight with a loving smile? That could create swifter passage of Thought Clouds to hasten the Sun’s arrival? Seems Tex is headed in a good direction.

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