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Hmmm πŸ€”

What to reply today that’s both interesting and meaningful? I know! Attribute! No silly... 😜

A Tribute! Ahhh... πŸ˜‰

Gary and Jack, they’ve got your back!

Day in and day out.

Never a day without a shout.

Always here without a doubt!

What is it that makes a friend?

Gentle, like the breath of wind?

Inquisitive like a thirsty fish?

Here to help us redeem a wish?

Ginkgo lovely in the Fall.

Funniest T-Shirt jokes of all.

Fair in the morning, fair at night.

Not too much, but just right!

Here to challenge, here to ask.

Ever equipped for any task.

Slowly bringing the girls to life.

Helping you through troubles and strife...

Yep, think you found... friends for Life!

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T-shirt: "IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED then sky diving is probably not for you" 😁

I like the gingko leaves as airborne assistance devices! πŸ‘

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😁 That was a very natural exchange, having known (the both of you, an Archie Bunkerism) for a while now. And Gingko leaves? I have seen them in our area. Did yours come from up your way? A Gingko tree full of fall golden leaves, just before they drop, is spectacular! Carpeting the grass is equally so. Tal struck a perfect pose. Fear of heights? Beth used to, so she took skydiving lessons! Jump in with both feet I suppose. Happy rest of your day!

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