A note from LoveLetterist:

Last Friday I joined an online painting class


closed the connection

in the first 10 minutes.

I guess

my heart

is unwilling to give up


adventure of painting

to somebody



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A fab post indeed, LoveLetterist! From the painting, with the metallic curly cues to the message itself, I feel your joy! Your musical choice offers an exclamation point! 😉

Has the barometric pressure dropped suddenly? Tal and Nią are as asynchronous with the Studio’s energy as I can ever remember before. Cal to the rescue. The others now? Napping? Toasting marshmallows in the fireplace? 🤭

Phillipa Soo was never on my radar. She is now! Gobsmacked I am!

I’ve read Biblical references about God knowing the number of hairs on our heads. (If I am in my shedding phase as part of my life course, does he use an abacus or something more akin to “Watson.” IBM) Saint Augustine’s remark seems to suggest that some of our unique makeup - our feeling, the movement of our heart - are uncountable.

Fading color hues to infinite movements of our hearts. Such an inspiring post!

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