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The new drawing is quite nice! When I read “black pepper” as part of the artists’ experimentation, the seismic waves in my brain interfered with my easily reading and processing the rest of this post!

Luckily I’ve acquired the habit of re-reading to be sure of what I think I read...

Christina Rossetti and Gustav Holst composed:

“In the bleak mid-winter

Frosty wind made moan

Earth as hard as iron

Water like a stone...”

Your being in somewhat the same time of year, I’m curious how the aquatic scene with a tropical vibe came to mind? A desire to escape to a warm, sunny island with gentle breezes to cool your sun-drenched paddle board bodies? 😊

Frank A. Spark’s quote is spot on. It’s hard to imagine a remote island surrounded by the ocean has more to offer than this corner of your mind’s aquarium. Well, notwithstanding paddle boarding. In miniature??

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Love the fish. Working with pastel pencils and chalks have always been a favorite of mine. A bit messy at times but enjoyable.

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Black paper, twelve pastel pencils, and a partridge in a pear 🍐 tree.🌳 (Couldn’t help myself). 😉

Love what you did with the art! I’m going to play with pastels this weekend.

Lions and tigers and colors, oh my! 😲

Modus operandi... Typist’s M.O. - A great term for an art thief! Although I wonder if nicking, is “actual” theft? 🤔

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George Carlin: “What disease did cured ham actually have?” 😁

Mary McGrath on Medium posted a bunch of Carlin quips, so you will be seeing George a LOT in the coming days. 🤣

I like the white flower on dark paper. I like the fish even more! 👍

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