I love that you found something in Susan Cain’s book, and I’m not surprised. Hang in there Gail, this is hard but you are being held up by so many of us here. We hope you know that 💕

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May 31, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

I bet you know we all wish there was more we (your faithful followers) could do. Like door dash deliveries of staples. Coffee, sweet, yummy desserts, chicken soup??

Okay. A quick Google search highly suggests that is possible! Here’s the test: ask for help! Seriously!! I think two components are needed to make this work: a carefully prepared list by Nia of what is wished for on which days; and responses by readers for days they would like to support you.

I’ll volunteer for the first day’s listing, when posted, and maybe others can indicate days they would like to cover! Preferred sources (coffee is critical from the right source; ditto desserts🙂). A bakery with yummy coffee??

I can’t come and edge your driveway. 😞

Please! Allow for us to give back a little. CURE!

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May 31, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

Tea towel: “Do naughty chickens lay deviled eggs?” 😁

(Yes, I know roosters don't lay eggs — shush!)

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You do inspire, Gail! So you have a meaningful life already ;-)

It sucks that you feel this bad. Hang in there (ruffled feathers and all).

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“My response is to keep showing up here… with the hope that my words speak to you.” -Typist

Perhaps hearing directly from me, from us, that your words definitely speak to me/us is a great way to reinforce your efforts. I hope so…

Did I mention that your words definitely speak to me? 😊🤗😊

This is the hardest part of your treatment. Literally thousands of women unfortunately have paved the way for you…

Bottom line, you got this and we’ve got you!


Hugs 🤗

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