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Ah! Thermal Maintenance versus Percussive Maintenance! 😁🔨🚰

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“Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.”


What a powerful quote!

“Peace is not about silence. It is not a place without trouble or fear. Peace is standing in the middle of chaos and finding the calm in your heart.”

From a sign on the wall in my home...

It is my daily reminder...

We are all seeking the same thing, serenity...

We may call it something else, but if we peel back the layers and take a look underneath whatever’s on the outside, whatever it’s wrapped in, is this idea of serenity.





the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

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We sometimes make things so much harder for ourselves than necessary, don't we?

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“Sallust” sent me searching...

I know you knew it would.

So thank you for the stimulus,

It did my noggin good.

Bottle bangers and beaters, oh my! Like Cal, I resort to hot water when needed. My better half is given to whacking the cap with a soup spoon. Some plastics just aren’t up to the job. 🤷🏽

I’d offer the thought that the impulsive banging on granite might also offer a freer flow of ideas and thoughts. Less inhibition? Like Nia, I lean toward shelving ideas that provoke a struggle or call for deliberation. Analysis paralysis? In this era of WORDLE I’m more inclined to Dawdle. 🙃

For those with an interest in Roman history around the time of Julius Caesar I’d recommend a glance at Sallus. There was an affinity between the two in some of their views of government.

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I’m delighted to have read your piece from Medium!

While at a glance one might view it as far ranging, from railroad tracks, to vegans, to voting rights, I think you did a masterful (madamful?) job exploring a range of ideas that all supported your central tenet.

That results are perhaps more likely to be found in the middle ground than in the extreme fringes. By their very nature, extreme positions and methods, to me, are a variant of the term “Shock and Awe” that was used to describe the US efforts to defeat Saddam Hussein. Iraq’s leader. I cite that to support your contention.

As for railroads, a City Park here in Tallahassee is crossed by railroad tracks. The crossing of a low, wet area is accomplished with a bridge supported by huge wooden pilings and similar bracing. When not being crossed by a freight train, the bridge seems motionless. A monolith.

So one day a group of mountain bikers, myself included, heard the train whistle off in the distance. We gathered beneath the overhead rail supports and waited.

😱😱 Between the sound and the fury of the crossing train (sorry Mr. Faulkner), the vibrations and the swaying of these huge wooden pilings indeed struck awe in some of our hearts. Speaking for myself, at least. And your comments on likely illegality for doing so on CSX property ring true with me today!

Thrill seeking today holds far less appeal than in that time of my life. In fact the middle ground makes more sense with each new day. Many thanks for your writing, Madame!

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