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T-shirt: “I’m sorry, I missed that. My brain has too many tabs open.” 😁

RE: your War of Art reading: at some point, pre-retirement, I sat down to decide What I Want To Be After I Grow Up. Do more writing, volunteer more, get back into teaching... something. I decided on Being Deb's Best Husband.

In some ways it's a cop-out (I enjoy doing it anyway), but it also makes me stop and think, "What have I done for my wife today?" And I can always come up with something, either immediate past or near future.

Oooh, reminds me, I should get supper prepped. Bye!

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Commitment: deciding to set aside one hour each day for the chosen venture.

Resistance: with three Muses, and writer makes four, my mind saw tugs of war about when exactly to spend that hour. “I’m an early bird,” Nia might say. “I need morning bean juice before my eyes are fully open,” exclaimed Cal! “Let’s have a morning drum circle and take turns with interpretive dance!” Tal proposed. Writist sighs, “Sounds like I’ll be the one making special morning treats. Forever!”

That kind of jockeying can scuttle a good idea before any attempt is made! So community might be an important precursor for such group activities.

What are tomorrow’s treats? 🤔🤗

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“When we conquer our fears, we discover a boundless, bottomless, inexhaustible well of passion.”

-Steven Pressfield

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I know not everyone is a fan of four-letter words, but sometimes they are just what the situation calls for!

And in the case of this current thread, the word MATH 🧮 will shed more light on this subject than a spotlight…

180 X 500 = 90,000

180 days X 500 words per day = 90,000 words

90,000 words, properly edited = Book 4

I once conducted a six-month experiment where I wrote every day with a timer for 20 minutes to prove the excuse that people don’t have time to write a book was just that, an excuse. At the end of the six-month period I had accumulated 87,500 words, one day at a time, and still have the makings of a manuscript on, “How to write a book, one day at a time.”

Math FOOD for thought… ✍🏼🤔✍🏼

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