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LOVE your Gene Hill quote! 💚

And your paw is delightful!

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Gene Hill’s statement resonates. A suggested title? “Why I Wish I Were More Like A Dog” It reads like a living definition of “Fido.”

We, often secured under our patchwork quilts of conditional love, suspicion, judgment, fear, and the collection we might call ignorance, should be sent to dog training school. To train humans to be more dog-like.

I’m fortunate to have a dog teacher. My 3/4 poodle doodle dog Izzie mourns when Beth leaves for work. Sometimes all day. Listless, won’t eat, finds the spot on our couch where Beth usually sits and curls up thereon. (Yet manages an enthusiastic greeting every time Beth returns, and takes her one of her favorite toys!)

As comfort, for both of us, if I’m in the recliner I welcome Izzie beside me. Her head on my thigh. What is the cost to me to offer her tender heart contact and warmth? I sometimes forget not all dogs’ lives are like hers...

Before I forget, your dog paw drawing is pawfect. Hands down. 😁

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I agree!

As an #Artist myself, I can attest fur is hard!

I can also attest it’s one of the most rewarding elements of drawing. ✍🏼 When given the proper time required to achieve the desired result, it’s incredibly rewarding! It is one of the elements of art that simply cannot be rushed. 😊☺️😊

Lethal Chris is my Godsend online teacher. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for everything I learned from him and his videos. He was kind enough to answer one of my messages to him early on, and provided even more encouragement for me to follow my dream.

Here’s an excellent video on fur!


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I believe she will appreciate it as well. Also, I think your paw looks great to me.

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