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A duo from a while back, Mark-Almond, sang “After the rain.”

“After the raiinnn,

The blu-ue sky,

And where I’m gooo-ing,

The sun is shine-ingg. “

I picked that especially for Thalia. I have no doubt she could belt this one out with ease. A natural.

Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman starred in an edgy but similarly “sunshine/rain” themed movie, “Midnight Cowboy.” Their search for “sunshine” involved moving from NYC to Miami.

“Bankin’ off the Northeast winds,

Sailin’ on summer breeze,

And trippin’ over the ocean like a stone.”

I would note the latter lyrics, like others from the 60’s, paint a sort of carefree picture while the characters, Hoffman’s in particular, actually are suffering and dying.

More sun, please.

Your quote from Heraclitus presents an idea to meditate on. To me it seems logical that speed bumps make slick pavement seem miraculous! My question is, without the speed bumps would our smooth roads really seem mundane? Would beauty be impossible to recognize? Joy just an everyday commodity? Without my achy knees and protesting muscles, would a comfortable walk with my dog cease to be like “skippin’ over the ocean like a stone?”

And, last, does truly living in the moment deprive us of such contrasts?


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FINALLY...above freezing at night, snow mostly melted and sunny and bright.

You absolutely nailed it! It does seem like part of why I like winter is because it helps me appreciate Spring!

Wonder how I can see this in other parts of my life? Hmmm...

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For some reason the brush supported by the leaf supported by the artwork page and bowl delighted me. A metaphor? Happy mixed media? Dunno. Just pretty, is all, maybe.

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