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“I’m going to lie

under the tree so folks know

that I am a gift”


Had to restructure the original t-shirt quip for 5/7/5, and "T-shirt" is NOT part of the haiku this time. Also doesn't even remotely fit in with the 3mm topic today, and readers will just have to know that the tree mentioned is a Christmas tree. And I guess I don't so much *attract* quips as go searching for them.

Otherwise, totally seamless. <cough>

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Laundry by the bale

Dog hair, mosquito bites too

The best connections

I would like to attract sleep

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Age ninety is the new eighty.

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“Why read 3mm? Musery loves company!”


#SixWordStory #AssistToSpangler 🙌🏼🖐🏻🙌🏼

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“Many aches and pains

Attract all sorts of doctors

One may have answers”

Why? An active outdoor life (backpacking, long canoe paddles, seeking/sawing/splitting firewood, extensive gardening) plus genetics has led to degenerative processes in my entire spine and joints, large and small. And why the doctors? Hopes of remaining as active as I can for as long as I can. 🤷🏽

Your nonagenarian neighbor keeps going! In my mid sixties, while building a substantial pool cabana, a young helper asked my age. I asked, “How old do you think I am? He replied, “45.” When I gave my age as 65, he replied, “How do you keep doing this?” I answered, “I keep doing this.” Like your neighbor stating why he stays on the move. At 73 I now am stiff. Obviously Calliope knew that. Her countless years of Musery may have given her that knowledge. 🤔

I hope continued participation with 3mm keeps my brain from becoming stiff!

Your yesterday’s cross-post didn’t appear on SubStack. Phone or laptop. I read the email version of your post and navigated to the writer’s site. Liking your own email simply took me back to the writer? Is that the intent? To not generate likes or comments for 3mm but to keep the focus on the other? Nonetheless, I liked the short story that allowed the reader to generate their own ending. Clever!

Happy Monday. 😁

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