invited to share

in gratitude, playfully

counting fingers now

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okay, I'll play, she said.

grateful for the diversion

from writerly work

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Footsteps crush the snow

The sound disturbs the stillness

Snow continues, calm

A different start to my day altered morning routines. I’d recognized a new, 3mm post but the day kept careening in directions of its own.

Rejoining the process at evening’s end is its own blessing. Many others have already haikued away at the assignment, with good results.

Grateful I am to understand the stone and sponge meaning. And I also see through Gail’s eyes the satisfaction of teaching young children, each with a sponge-like mind to gather and assemble the meaning of their lives. That helps me understand the dedication of teachers to their classrooms and children.

Last, on blazing trails, my own experience has been far from linear. Without all the details, I’ll note that a multitude of changes-jobs, relationships, geographic changes, educational pursuits-the “blazing” often feels more like an avalanche. Seeking a storyline that makes it all flow, make sense, is along the lines of slaying dragons! As a result, the sense of continuity is missing. A sense of place? Ditto. Putting roots down? Not an experience I feel.

Following Calliope’s lead today, generating a haiku was both a fun brain teaser and afforded a sense of belonging. Small successes beats no successes. The lack of direct, face-to-face interaction feels limiting. Long ago in my Medium reading days, I discovered Gail’s writings. I believe at one point I remarked that I’d so enjoy being her neighbor. Chats at the fence? Hot coffee on her deck?

Gail! Help! I really think I remember such an exchange. Even Zoom calls and FaceTime are electronic derivatives of the real thing. Human presence. Full 3-dimensionality. The smell of coffee freshly brewed. Fault? Mine, of course. Well informed or otherwise, I made a lot of the decisions that brought me to where I am today. Recriminations? A few. Could I have decided differently? Hard to guess. So today, feeling like a foundation never really was completed, the haikus, the discussions of being human and how, are my home and community.

Thankful for you all

Trying on different shoes

Hoping one will fit


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Great Serenity

Awaiting both you and me

Amongst the Muses

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As the sun rises

Hubs and I enjoy the game

Wordle is the name

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Wince for the last hit

Bated breath for the future

A plus for effort

(Apparently, I can't count)

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T-shirt: “I enjoy

long romantic walks with Deb

through the hardware store”

😁 Okay, I had to pad the original to get the 5-7-5 to come out, and strictly speaking we enjoy walks through home improvement stores ("Lowe's Depot," as we call them), but close enough?

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