I love it! Nap away! It’s your body saying “If you give me this time to rejuvenate, then I will give it back to you tenfold”. Rest is healing!

I love the humor in the picture!



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May 28, 2022Liked by 3musesmerge

BUTTON: “I could be a morning person! (if mornings started at noon…)" 😁

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Letting our bodies advise us on such courses of action is a needed skill. Glad you listened! I’ve twisted myself in knots over daytime naps. I inform my body, “I can’t take daytime naps.” So... have I ever tried to access information on how others can nap? Ha, ha, ha. Why do I even think I should? (as I struggle to keep both eyes open.) Some say Aries types are stubborn, strong willed, and often dominant. Ever try to dominate your body??

As always, so glad for how you live out loud and share the adventures of doing so. I hope the house to yourselves for a spell, you, the Muses, and Henrietta, proves enriching. Picking up an old book you just remembered, going to your favorite nursery, or even loading up your kayak.

Or napping intertwined with meditation or yoga! I know you’ll be present and glad you are. All the best! Pancakes!



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