Hello and a great big welcome to 3musesmerge!

Do you have voices in your head?

Me, too…

Here at 3musesmerge, we make our thinking visible.

Awareness of what happens inside ourselves… is a first step toward better.

Thalia cartwheels into the studio. “Thanks LoveLetterist! We’ll take it from here!”

“You will? I was going to intro —.”

“No need… We’ve got it.” Urania peers over the top of her reading glasses.

Calliope hands LoveLetterist (me) a cup of fresh coffee. “Trust us… Let us do our thing. Bye-bye!”

Hear Your Muses… Find Your Life

Come for the conversation; Stay for your transformation.

Meet the trio:

Thalia — Tal — Muse of Wit
“I’m fun-loving and feel all the feelings!”

Urania — Nia — Muse of Determination
“I’m full of pluck, perseverance, and reason. We can do anything we set our sights on.”

Calliope — Cal —Muse of Harmony
“I’m a bridge between heart and mind.”

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Hear your muses... Find your life.


A place where heart and mind play in harmony. Join the muses as they explore the art of conversation as a thread of inner connection. What if the only thing between you and everything you desire is a candid conversation with yourself?