Hello and a great big welcome to 3musesmerge!

Do you have voices in your head?

Me, too — so many layers accumulated over a lifetime.

As the scribe for 3musesmerge, you’ll come to know me as Typist…

Thalia cartwheeled into the studio. “Thanks Typist! We’ve got this!”

“You do?” Typist asked. “I was going to introduce you.”

“No need… We can do it ourselves.” Urania peered over the top of her reading glasses.

“Okay.” Typist rested an index finger on her chin and grimaced.

“Really… We’ve got it.” Thalia grinned and nodded up and down furiously. “Shoo-shoo. Go read a book or something.” Her eyes sparkled and glinted.


Calliope handed Typist a cup of fresh coffee. “We’re your girls. You trust us. Now let us do our thing.” She gave Typist a little hug before nudging her through the door. “Bye-bye!”

Hear Your Muses… Find Your Life

Come for the conversation; Stay for your transformation.

Thalia — Tal — Muse of Wit
“I’m fun-loving and feel all the feelings!”

Urania — Nia — Muse of Determination
“I’m full of pluck, perseverance, and reason. We can do anything we set our sights on.”

Calliope — Cal —Muse of Harmony
“I’m a bridge between heart and mind.”

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Hear your muses... Find your life.



A place where heart and mind play in harmony. Join the muses as they explore the art of conversation as a thread of inner connection. What if the only thing between you and everything you desire is a candid conversation with yourself?